Jack Originals

Inspired by actual people, places, and events that are found in downtown Jackson, the Jack Originals is a mashup of human interest, storytelling, and engagement designed to reveal the heart and personality of this one of a kind Michigan town.

Prepare for Departure

Lean Rocket Lab

What makes Lean Rocket Lab a Jack Original:

  • Inventive space for turning ideas into reality
  • Accelerating high-tech manufacturing
  • Helping make a social impact

Launched in January of 2019, the Lean Rocket Lab is a business accelerator and coworking space located in the heart of downtown Jackson. The lab provides a collaborative ecosystem full of high energy entrepreneurs, advanced educational programming, business resources and access to various states of capital.

Inspired by the heritage of manufacturing in Jackson, the Lab’s goal is to create a connected business environment that catalyzes ideas and innovation, specifically at the intersection of manufacturing and technology. Ultimately, the Lab exists to help businesses or products launch and thrive.

Step Into the Spotlight

Steve Trosin

What makes Steve a Jack Original:

  • Local recording artist, songwriter & composer
  • Music director at Jackson Symphony Orchestra
  • New Album, Course Correction, Recorded & Released in Jackson, MI

The heart and soul of any songwriter can be found in the lyrics and melodies of the music they make. For Jackson resident Steve Trosin, it was an uncommon path that led him to become a singer/songwriter and music director at the Jackson Symphony Orchestra.

Build Community

Armory Bike Union

What makes Armory Bike Union a Jack Original:

  • Volunteer driven charity organization
  • Provides bikes, repair services & teaches safety classes to kids
  • More than 140 bikes were repaired last year in Jackson, MI

Located in a humble backlot of the old armory building with spray-painted signage is a little-known organization that makes a big impact on the community. The Armory Bike Union is an independently funded and operated community bike repair shop for lack of a better description.

But more than repairs, this group, organized and managed by Terry Larkin, provides bikes, repairs, and training for local youth. In addition, they offer Safety courses (with certificates for class completion), helmets and guidance on how to care for the two-wheelers. Upon visiting the Union, you’ll find smiling faces underneath shiny new bike helmets, proudly displaying their training certificates.